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How do I report a road hazard?

If you have encountered a pothole or other hazard and wish to report it, then you need to provide the local authority with enough information to find it.

When you come across a hazard, make a note of its location. If you have a camera with you, take a few photos clearly showing the defect (ideally with another object for scale) and make a note of any nearby shops or landmarks, the depth, size and distance from the kerb. If you don’t have a map handy, a quick sketch can help you find it later.

When you get home, log onto CTC’s hazard reporting site and fill in the relevant information. You can locate the defect using our mapping software, or enter an OS grid reference. Our system will then use the location data to work out the correct local authority.

When you have filled in all the information, click on the ‘report hazard’ button at the bottom. CTC will then send an email to the authority informing them of the hazard. The defect will appear on our map of the UK, and you can check back to see what progress has taken place.


Please enter an OS grid reference, or latitude & longitude coordinates in decimal format, based on the WGS84 datum (the usual datum used for GPS receivers and mapping software), or select the location by clicking on the map. If you click on the map, the location selected will be automatically entered into the coordinates box.

Description of location

Any landmarks or features which will make the hazard easier to find.

For example:

Road Name

If the road has a name, or a number, enter it here.

Description of hazard

Give a brief description of the hazard, to allow others to identify it and to help the highway authority decide on the best method to remove the hazard.

Approximate size

If appropriate, describe the size of the hazard.

Approximate depth

These give the authority an idea of how dangerous the hazard is. Over-estimating it will not get it fixed any faster, and will only irritate the highway maintenance team!

Approximate distance from kerb

If appropriate, describe how far from the kerb, or edge of the road, the hazard is.

Date hazard encountered

Select the date that you first encountered the hazard.