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Free Format Notes

Free format notes can be used (instead of Step-by-Step Instructions) to give a brief description of where your route goes. They can also be used to give extra information about your route and the area it explores.

Each Note needs to be given a heading and has a box into which you can type or copy as much text as you like. Special characters (such as the ñ in España) will be recognised, but bold, italic and table formatting etc. will be lost when you copy it in. Internet URLs in the format http://something will be automatically converted into a link to that URL.

Notes will not accept images, but these can be added later, after submitting your route.

Describing a route

Please don’t try to give detailed instructions in free-format notes, since paragraphs of text are too difficult to follow on-the-move. Aim to provide just enough information for someone to follow your route using a map.

If you are describing a long route, it helps to divide it into sections, with a new heading for each day or part of a day, defined by stops for accommodation or refreshments etc. The result should be something like a tour diary or journal.

Other information

You should already have provided the most important piece of ‘other’ information - what maps to use - when you named your route. But if you’d like to say more about available maps and guide books, by all means add a note headed Maps and Guides.

Here are few more suggested headings for information notes:

Particularly for foreign routes and tours: