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Downloads Failing

Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 seems to be a little broken, and doesn't always manage to open PDF file downloads.

IE6 download dialog 1

If the "Open" option doesn't work (the file downloads, but then you get "File not found" from Adobe Acrobat), try using the "Save" option (as in the picture above).

When the file has finished downloading, "Open" the file (as in the picture below).

IE6 download dialog 2

It seems that if you use the "Open" option, IE6 downloads the file, then deletes it, and then tries to open it!

It is highly recommended to upgrade to IE7, or another modern browser such as Firefox or Opera.

Other Browsers

There aren't any known problems with other browsers. If you do find that you can't download a file from this site, please contact us to let us know.